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How is light burnt powder produced

2020-05-11 17:40:59

The calcination of magnesite at a high temperature of 750 to 1100 is called "light burned" light burned magnesia powder manufacturer, and the product obtained is called light burned magnesia powder, referred to as light burned powder. The main purpose of light burned powder is as heat insulation It can also be used as a raw material for manufacturing ceramics, as well as sound insulation building materials and manufacturing cementing materials. Light burnt magnesia ball

Because the body of the light burned powder biogas tank will be in contact with water for a long time, the water resistance requirements of the product are relatively special, and it must also have good stability. Use high content of light burned magnesium oxide powder, for example: 88% light content Burning magnesia powder. In the selection of ore, special ore with ultra-low burning alkali can be used to control the burning alkali of the finished product; in addition, the water resistance of the product can be improved by controlling the caustic soda.

Light burned magnesium wholesale

The light burned powder used in the biogas tank must have a solidification time of 4-7 hours. The biogas tank has strict requirements for the solidification speed of the light burned magnesia powder. If it is too fast, the stability will be relatively poor. If it is too slow, the tank body will easily deform.

Light burnt magnesia ball

88% light burned magnesia powder, that is, 90% light burned magnesia powder, it has good water resistance. And the 90 powder is afraid of burning products too mature, that is, overburning is not good.

The main purpose of light magnesium oxide is for the production of rubber products and neoprene adhesives. In the manufacture of rubber products, magnesium oxide acts as an acid absorbent and accelerator, and plays a role in the production of neoprene adhesives. To the role of vulcanization crosslinking, anti-scorching agent and resin chelation.

Magnesium oxide is also used in the manufacture of ceramics and enamels. It plays a role in reducing the sintering temperature and is used as a filler in the manufacture of grinding wheels and paint. In addition, it is used in medicine, food processing, agriculture, electronics industry, and insulation. It has applications in the material industry.


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