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Beware of magnesium oxide becoming the next rare earth industry

2020-04-17 08:57:31

Obtain short-term benefits through low-value applications and exports

Generally speaking, my country's technology based on high-purity magnesium oxide deep processing and high-end material preparation technology is still relatively backward, and most of the magnesium oxide products are medium and low-grade raw materials. The main consumption areas of magnesium oxide or magnesium oxide products in my country are refractory materials, desulfurization, rubber and so on. Magnesium oxide manufacturers

Light burned magnesia wholesale

When the back-end application is difficult to open, magnesium oxide, like rare earths, is exported to the world as a mineral resource at a low price. Since the 1990s, China has become the world's largest supplier of natural magnesium oxide. Due to the excessive export of magnesium oxide, the price of magnesium oxide in the international market has fluctuated at the bottom. During this period, 90% of natural magnesium oxide in the international market originated from China.

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