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The necessity of innovation in Liaoning light burnt magnesia powder industry

2020-05-11 17:39:54

The market competition risk of the binder industry for light burned magnesia powder can be subdivided into market, light burned magnesia price risk, and operation risk. The first is demand risk. Demand is a key factor affecting the sales of binders for refractory materials. The size of demand is relative to the supply volume. As supply increases, demand decreases, sales will encounter difficulties; the second is price risk, refractory The high price of the material binder product will result in a high return per unit area, but the excessively high price will seriously affect the sales; the third is the business risk, which refers to the expected profit due to the poor management of the developer due to the poor management of the development of the refractory binder project The possibility that it cannot be realized or is insufficient to compensate operating expenses. This type of risk is mainly attributed to the developer's subjective prediction errors and decision-making errors in development costs, rental prices, development cycles, and fund raising.

1. Technical level risk analysis

Light burnt magnesia

my country's refractory materials (light-burned magnesia balls, light-burned magnesia powder, etc.) have insufficient scientific research and technical support for the binder industry. Although the current technical level cannot meet the current production needs of enterprises, the industry has been updated slowly and lags behind foreign developed countries.

2. Enterprise competition risk analysis

At present, the competition among my country's refractory binders is mainly in two aspects, one is the competition of domestic enterprises, and the other is facing international competition. In the current poor economic situation, large-scale enterprises have better development prospects, while small and medium-sized enterprises face the risk of being acquired or merged.

At present, manufacturers of binders for refractory materials (light burnt magnesia balls, light burnt magnesia powder, etc.) must win the market competition and not be eliminated, they must do everything possible to give full play to their advantages, improve their technical level, and reduce production costs.

Light burned magnesia powder contains three (slang) substances: under-burned products, over-burned products, and activated magnesia

1: The so-called under-burned products are part of magnesium carbonate that does not form magnesia. (Controlling the condensation speed of magnesite products mainly depends on the amount of under-burned products;) If there are too many under-burned products, the burning vector will be higher. The coagulation speed of the magnesite products is very fast, which will cause the magnesite products to burst and deform.

2: The so-called over-burned products are burned magnesia, (the longer the burning, the higher the content of magnesium oxide, which is suitable for feed, refractory and other industries) if there are many over-burned products, when the magnesium chloride generates oxychloride cement It is not easy to freeze, that is, people often say that it does not reflect or freeze.

3: The last type is activated magnesia (the best part of magnesia). The industry for building materials mainly requires the content of activated magnesia. If the content of activated magnesia is not enough, it cannot fully reflect the chloride ion in magnesium chloride. After molding, the phenomenon of anti-alkali and anti-halogen will appear.

The light burned magnesia products of towns in Liaoning and Shandong are very popular all over the world. However, due to the low level of production equipment in the township magnesia industry, mostly manual operations, a large amount of black smoke is emitted during production, which seriously pollutes the environment and urgently needs to be treated. The black smoke produced by light burned magnesia is difficult to meet environmental protection requirements with simpler conventional dust removal equipment, and the cost of advanced smoke and dust removal equipment is unbearable for the township industry. Governance can only take a different path and seek a new countermeasure that can continue to promote the development of the township magnesia industry and prevent smoke and dust from polluting the environment.

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