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The role of silicon steel grade magnesium oxide

2020-05-11 17:27:36

Silicon steel grade magnesium oxide is a high-end product recently developed in recent years.

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It has a variety of superior properties that traditional magnesium oxide cannot match, so it has been loved by major steel companies once it was launched. So everyone can't help but ask, what is the charm of silicon steel manufacturers so much? What are the effects of silicon steel grade magnesium oxide?

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Silicon steel grade magnesium oxide is a kind of magnesium oxide produced with special purposes and special processes. Silicon steel magnesium oxide is mainly used to produce oriented silicon steel sheets. The main function is to interact with the silicon steel sheets under high temperature to form a thin layer Membrane, which is arranged in an orderly manner, can reduce the reactive power loss of silicon steel sheet during operation. Silicon steel magnesium oxide is a high-temperature annealing separator in the production of oriented silicon steel sheets. Transformer materials made of oriented silicon steel sheets have the special function of high energy saving. High-tech industries such as aircraft turbines and chips in mobile phones use oriented silicon steel. It has a broad prospect and space for development in these fields.

The market demand for high-purity magnesium oxide in my country is nearly 100,000 tons, but the domestic output is very small and the gap is quite large. This provides opportunities and favorable conditions for the production and development of high-purity magnesium oxide.

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