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What is the role of magnesium oxide in friction materials

2020-05-11 17:26:38

Among our common friction materials, the brake pads that we have the most contact with are the brake pads, and this brake pad is linked to our personal safety. Therefore, light-burned magnesium powder manufacturers must comply with the state when producing brake pads. According to the specified standards, it is very necessary to select qualified magnesium oxide products. So what is the role of magnesium oxide in friction materials?

From an overall point of view, in recent years, whether it is domestic or foreign markets, the friction material market has been relatively optimistic, whether it is OEM or after-sales, so sometimes it has driven the magnesium oxide market. The prosperity of China is very good news for many domestic enterprises.

Production of light burnt magnesia balls

Magnesium oxide used as friction material can resist high temperature, wear resistance, increase friction coefficient, increase toughness, stabilize product, reduce brake noise, etc. Product index: magnesium oxide 93-95%; calcium oxide (CaO) 1.50; sieve Residue (325 mesh) 0.03; bulk density (g/ml) 0.20-0.40. Other special requirements: particle size distribution, crystal structure, fineness, heavy metals, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, increase wear coefficient, reduce noise, etc. can be formulated according to specific requirements.


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