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How to test the activity of magnesium hydroxide

2020-05-11 17:27:07

How to check the activity of magnesium hydroxide? The activity of magnesium oxide is very important for the production of some raw materials. If the activity is not enough, the quality of the material will not meet the standard. Therefore, measuring the activity of magnesium oxide is very important for us. It is also very necessary.

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For the layman, how to measure the related activity of magnesium oxide? The special magnesium oxide mesh for adhesives gives us some steps:

1. In the stock of magnesium oxide, take out 100 grams of magnesium oxide samples from different corners and different positions (not less than 3 places), and mix them evenly.

2. Accurately weigh 100g of magnesium oxide powder from the mixed powder and place it in a constant-weight dry beaker, add 400g of pure water to make it completely wet.

3. Put the cup in a drying oven with adjusted temperature (110℃) and bake for more than 2 hours, then adjust the oven to 150℃ to dry the sample to a constant weight. Activity calculation method: active content of magnesium oxide = [(W—100)/45] X100% where 100 is the weight of the sample before hydration; W is the weight of the sample after hydration;

45 is the conversion factor. Note: In order to obtain a more accurate value, you can take 3 100g magnesia assays, add the final active content value, and then divide by 3. Points to note: ① During the heating process, avoid the slurry from splashing out of the beaker; ②The drying time should be as long as possible to ensure complete evaporation of water.


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