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Influence of Light Burnt Magnesium Powder on Liquid Phase Properties

2020-05-11 17:44:47


Two liquid surface tension

The surface tension of the liquid phase is an important property of the liquid phase and has a direct relationship with the granulation. The increase in the surface tension of the liquid phase is easy to agglomerate, and the size of the clinker particles has a good linear relationship with the surface tension of the liquid phase.

The surface tension of the liquid phase is related to the electronegativity of the outer layer of the element. Some elements such as K, Cl, S have low surface tension values, which are not conducive to granulation; while the surface tension values of Mg, Al and other elements are higher, which is beneficial Knotting.

Three liquid viscosity

The liquid phase viscosity values of clinker of different components are different. Generally speaking, the liquid phase viscosity value decreases, which is conducive to the diffusion of CaO and C2S in the liquid phase to form C3S, which is also easy to agglomerate. The liquid phase viscosity is related to temperature and increases with temperature. And fell.

The liquid phase viscosity value of the coexistence of several elements is not a superposition of the liquid phase viscosity value of a single element.

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