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Magnesium oxide

Magnesium oxide

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One of the most important uses of magnesium oxide is to use magnesium oxide as a flame retardant. Light burned powder is also used as a traditional flame retardant material. Light burned powder usually uses halogen-containing polymers or halogen-containing flame retardant combinations. The flame-retardant mixture. However, once a fire occurs, due to thermal decomposition and combustion, a large amount of smoke and toxic corrosive gases will be produced, which will hinder fire fighting and personnel evacuation, and corrode equipment and equipment.

In particular, people have found that more than 80% of fatalities in fires are caused by dense smoke and toxic gases produced by materials. Therefore, in addition to flame retardant efficiency, low smoke and low toxicity are also indispensable indicators for flame retardants. The development of China's flame retardant industry is extremely unbalanced. The proportion of chlorinated flame retardants is relatively large, ranking first among flame retardants, among which chlorinated paraffins occupy a monopoly position. However, chlorine-based flame retardants release toxic gases when they act, which is far from the non-toxic and high-efficiency pursued by modern life. Therefore, in order to comply with the development trend of low smoke, low toxicity and pollution-free flame retardants in the world, the development, production and application of magnesium oxide flame retardants are imperative.

It is used to determine sulfur and pyrite in coal and sulfur and arsenic in steel. Used as a standard for white pigments. Light magnesia is mainly used as a raw material for preparing ceramics, enamels, refractory crucibles and refractory bricks. It is also used as a polishing agent, adhesive, coating, and paper filler, as an accelerator and activator for neoprene and fluorine rubber. After mixing with magnesium chloride and other solutions, it can be made into magnesium oxide water. In medicine, it is used as an antacid and laxative, used for hyperacidity, stomach and duodenal ulcer. In the chemical industry, it is used as a catalyst and a raw material for the manufacture of magnesium salts. It is also used in the manufacture of glazing, dyeing meal, phenolic plastic, etc. Heavy magnesia is used for burning, grinding and half drum in rice milling industry. The construction industry is used in the manufacture of artificial chemical floors, artificial marble heat-proof panels and sound-proof panels, and as fillers in the plastic industry. It can also be used to produce other magnesium salts.

It has strong refraction in the visible and near ultraviolet range. Magnesite (MgCO3), dolomite (MgCO3·CaCO3) and sea water are the main raw materials for the production of magnesium oxide. Thermal decomposition of magnesite or dolomite obtains magnesium oxide. Treat seawater with slaked lime to get magnesium hydroxide precipitation, and burn magnesium hydroxide to get magnesium oxide.

This can still be taken out of the most basic raw materials by using seawater, and at the same time, a certain amount of magnesium oxide can be generated, or a basic magnesium carbonate precipitation can be generated, and then burned to obtain magnesium oxide.

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