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Application fields of magnesium oxide---Dashiqiao Hongli Magnesium Products Co., Ltd.

2020-06-02 07:35:35

Dashiqiao Hongli Magnesium Products Co., Ltd. introduces the application areas of magnesium oxide!

1. [Food industry]: used in dairy foods, meat foods, baked foods, pasta foods, various beverages, candies, flavored foods, etc.

2. [Medical Manufacturing]: health food, base materials, fillers, biological drugs, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

First of all, magnesium oxide itself is non-toxic and tasteless, but because it belongs to dust, front-line workers should pay attention to dust during long-term work to avoid "pulmonary disease". In addition, magnesium oxide powder and talcum powder are commonly used lubricants for athletes and are harmless to the human body. Magnesium oxide can also be used as an antacid, a laxative, and neutralize gastric acid. The neutralizing effect of gastric acid is quicker, stronger, and lasting. It does not produce carbon dioxide and protects the ulcer surface.


Issues that need attention:

① During the heating process, avoid the slurry splashing out of the beaker;

②The drying time should be as long as possible to ensure complete evaporation of water.


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