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Matters needing attention on the content of light burnt magnesia powder for fireproof board!

2020-05-16 13:49:54

Light burned magnesia powder fireproof board is a new product of magnesite technological innovation in recent years, which is economical and practical. Light burned magnesia powder fireproof board is used in the country and the world. There are many manufacturers of light burned magnesia powder. The fireproof board is lightweight, fireproof, clean and easy to use. The magnesia content of the light burned magnesia powder fireproof board is the key, and other small chemical indicators of the light burned magnesia powder also determine the quality of the light burned magnesia powder fireproof board. The selection of qualified and high-grade light-burned magnesia powder is one of the first conditions for producing high-quality fire-resistant boards. Highly active magnesium oxide is an ideal choice for making good fireproof boards.

Light burned magnesia is widely used in many fields such as building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine, etc. It is the production of fireproof board, lightweight partition board, magnesium sulfate, papermaking, desulfurization process, steel plant protection furnace slag splashing, etc. Ideal material. The surface tension of the liquid phase is an important property of the liquid phase and has a direct relationship with granulation. The increase in the surface tension of the liquid phase is easy to form granules. The size of the clinker particles has a good linear relationship with the surface tension of the liquid phase.

Which is better light burnt magnesia powder

The magnesite, brucite and magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater or brine are calcined at about 800~1000℃ to decompose CO2 or H2O to obtain light burnt magnesium powder, also called light burnt magnesium oxide, caustic oxidation Magnesium or light burnt magnesium, commonly known as magnesia powder. Light-burned magnesia powder has a loose texture and high chemical activity. It can be used to manufacture magnesia cement, magnesite building materials, thermal insulation materials, etc., and is an intermediate product for the production of high-quality magnesia by two-step calcination.


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